The staff of the bodega and a bystander saved a teenager from robbers in Brooklyn

The gang, armed with knives and a metal pipe, assaulted a 17-year-old in front of a bodega in Bushwick (Brooklyn) and stole his moped. A frightened young man could suffer the fate of Lisandro «Junior» Guzman-Felisa killed in front of a bodega in the Bronx in June 2018, if his aid came the employees and customers of the store.

On the security camera located outside the store, you can see how on Thursday evening, 17-year-old rides a moped on the sidewalk. When he pulls up to a fruit stand with pineapples, mango and oranges on Knickerbocker Avenue, he was waylaid by five men. They hit him in the face and taken the bike.

At this point, a frightened young man manages to quickly run inside the store. Employees and customers were inside, he immediately began to hold a door that the bandits are unable to get inside. Then one of the attackers got on the moped and drove off and the other began furiously trying to open the door.

20-year-old store employee Jones Garcia immediately remembered the incident with Junior at this point.

«As soon as the teenager ran into the store, it occurred to me that this is very similar to what happened in the Bronx, said Garcia. — If it were not found a shop he could be seriously injured or killed.»

The same thought flashed in the head and 32-year-old Denisse Castillo, the owner of the store El Conuco.

«When I saw the knife and how they burst into the store, I realized that it’s not just the theft of a motorcycle – says the shop owner. — Something similar happened with Junior.»

WATCH: Surveillance video shows teen being ambushed in #Brooklyn; runs into #bodega for help. At 5p, the Good Samaritan who defended him against a group armed w/knives & metal objects, saying he didn’t want what happened to #Junior in the #Bronx to happen again. @PIX11News

— jennbisramtv (@jennbisramtv) March 31, 2019

At this time, the store was 43-year-old Vincent Millan, who stopped at a bike to buy food for the cat.

«I held the door and shouted to them that they will not be able to come in here and hurt this boy, said Millan, They were really very aggressive.»

Millan, had decided to personally try to disperse the attackers. With bike seat in hand, he ran out of the bodega.

«I thought that the door will not keep them for long, so went outside and asked, «What the hell are you guys doing?»,—said Millan The News. They immediately surrounded me and started beating me on the head, face.»

Of course, the street fight was unequal — four against one. Besides, the attackers had knives and metal sticks, and the only Millan the seat of a bike.

«They broke some things on my back, beat me on the face with metal rods, he said. They almost killed me that day».

However, the man did not give up and even left a dent on the car windshield of one of the suspects, and then was hit by another during a fight on the sidewalk.

Brooklyn man Vincent Milan, used bicycle seat to fight attackers going after 17 yr old. He barricaded door of the fruit stand when the teen ran in for safety, and then confronted them when they pushed through the door. Was badly cut in the back of head. #1010WINS.

— Roger Stern (@NYRogerStern) March 31, 2019

The Millan put eight stitches on his head, but he does not regret his actions and says he is ready to act again if necessary.

«I don’t regret that prevented them to get to the teenager. People shouldn’t treat each other — said the man. — How would I live on if I allowed them to hurt him.»

17-year-old, fortunately, was not seriously hurt.

On Saturday, the police said they have caught two criminals who were involved in this incident. 16-year-old boy, who went away on a stolen scooter were arrested after crashed into a car on the street Halsey. He was charged with assault, possession of stolen property and possession of marijuana.