The explosion at the Military space Academy and «something» in the Agrarian University in Saint-Petersburg

In the Russian city of St. Petersburg, on the territory of the Military Space Academy. Mozhayskiy today has exploded an explosive device. Fell a flight of stairs, injured four people. The authorities do not announce who is affected and in what condition they are in.

The defense Ministry commented on the blast in the Academy in St. Petersburg

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Initially, official news agencies announced the explosion of a mine in a training class of about 13-30. «According to preliminary data, in the classroom on the second floor triggered a mine. Suffered four cadets, in addition, descended the stairs from the second to the first floor. Were blocked by about 20 people,» — reports RIA Novosti citing a source in the Academy.

Version was not credible, as live mines shall not in principle be in the classroom of the educational building (only the ground), classes to study only used models or case min. moreover, the profile of the Academy Mozhaiskogo does not require that the cadets so deeply studied minno-explosive business. However, the version caused concern to parents of thousands of students, assuming that the class could hurt their children.

On the fact of explosion at the Academy Mozhaiskogo opened a criminal case on attempted murder. The building exploded, «an unidentified shell-free subject», note следователи

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Later, Fontanka.Roux said that according to her, the hull, under the stairs, it was discovered an improvised explosive device, it has arrived group of mine, but when working with the object, it exploded. Suffered engineers — three men and one woman. Thus, we are not talking about the astonishing stupidity of the teachers, but rather about a terrorist attack or vandalism.

It should be noted that today, April 2 in the Leningrad district military court began the process on alleged terrorists — organizers and executors of explosion in the St. Petersburg metro, on 3 April 2017. Also today, the media reported about the explosion at the agricultural Academy in Pushkin, suburb of Saint Petersburg, which took place about 14-00. Simultaneously with the news from the military Academy, these messages could be perceived as a terrorist attack on the city. However, the press service of the agricultural Academy, an hour later said that the girl in the Dorm microwave just blew up the Bank, the girl received minor injuries, reports AIF SPB. RIA Novosti, however, received from the MOE a different version of events exploded the flask with the reagent for chemical classes. Emergency force responded to the incident, left the special unit, which caused the attention of the press.

Alexander Beglov has arrived to the Academy of Mozhaisk, where the explosion occurred

TV channel «Saint-Petersburg» (@topspb_tv) April 2, 2019

Also agencies have not yet agreed on a single version of what happened at the military Academy. The defense Ministry and the emergencies Ministry have not yet given to journalists of official information on the explosion at the Academy Mozhaiskogo. The head of St.-Petersburg Alexander Beglov assured that none of the student was not injured, quickly and efficiently evacuated. Federal agencies continue to insist on the «blast manuals». «The priority version of the events of the explosion was careless handling of ammunition,» writes TASS. However, the Investigative Committee announced the criminal charges of attempted murder.

State of emergency in the Academy named after Mozhaisky. Footage from the copter

TV channel «Saint-Petersburg» (@topspb_tv) April 2, 2019

Eyewitnesses say that the campus left of the machine demining Regardie, but moved the machine army of engineers.