Police found in Manhattan heroin and fentanyl with photos Pablo Escobar on the package worth more than $10 million

On Monday special Prosecutor for cases related to drugs, said that in the RAID in Harlem (Manhattan) was discovered more than 77 pounds (35 kilograms) of heroin and fentanyl, and $200 thousand in cash. On the packages of drugs were found taped pictures of famous drug Lord Pablo Escobar.

«The amount of seized fentanyl and heroin has become a frightening reminder of the tremendous threat posed by a deadly opioids,» — said the special Prosecutor for cases related to drugs, Bridget G. Brennan.

Police arrested two people involved in this case. Ariel Hernandez and Loisides Garcia MENA was taken into custody last week. Hernandez charged with possession of a controlled substance first-and third-degree, and Garcia MENA — in a criminal conspiracy and falsification of identity.

Thursday, March 28, the two men met and got into a black car (Hyundai Santa Fe 2019), near West 145th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. The police followed the suspects, saw that Garcia MENA Hernandez landed near a residential building on Lenox Avenue and West 141st Street.

When I was alone and drove away from the building at some distance, the agents of the new York task force on drug control decided to intervene. They stopped his car and arrested Garcia. Inside the car police found $1200 in cash, 2 mobile phones and 2 forms of identification in different names.

Hernandez was arrested later, when I came home with a backpack, inside which was found 3 kg of heroin and fentanyl and the keys to the apartment on the 10th floor of the building. Later that night, the special Prosecutor on drugs got a warrant to search the apartment.

As a result, the agents found 70 pounds (32 kg) of drugs, several transparent plastic bags filled with powder, and $200 thousand in cash.

The drugs were packaged in bags of about 1kg each, with photos of infamous drug Lord Pablo Escobar. Some of the packages had the inscription «Pablo» and «Pablo Escobar».

Drug Bust in Harlem: 77-pounds of heroin/fentanyl seized — street value over 10-million — plus 200-thousand dollars in cash. Packages labeled after Colombian drug-lord, Pablo Escobar. More at 5:30p. @pix11news #Drugs #DrugBust #Harlem #NYC #pabloescobar @DEANEWYORKDiv pic.twitter.com/AWu5nCjKPU

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«This organization used a picture of Pablo Escobar, who was known as the king of cocaine, to designate his product. Although the seized substance was not cocaine,» said master Management agent for the drug enforcement administration (DEA) ray Donovan.

Donovan notes that at the moment it is heroin and fentanyl are the most profitable drugs on the black market and most dangerous threat to society.

According to prosecutors, the street value of the drug, this quantity would have amounted to from $10.5 million to $20 million.

«The NYPD and our partners in law enforcement will never stop working to intercept illegal drugs, such as heroin and fentanyl, said the police Commissioner of new York James O’neill. — Because these drugs are highly addictive, and they are deadly.»