The vet slipped the three girls drugs for animals to rape them

A veterinarian from Santa Fe (Texas) accused of raping minors, which he put in drinks medication from the clinic where he worked.

The vet slipped the three girls drugs for animals to rape themThe vet slipped the three girls drugs for animals to rape themTodd Glover. Source: police

According to the lawsuit, obtained by ABC13 Eyewitness News, December 1, 2018 casino Coushatta Todd Glover — veterinarian Planned Pethood & Petiatric Clinic has treated three 17-year-old girls drinks that he put a special medicine, from which they subsequently lost consciousness. Then Glover raped «Jenny DOE» (a potential victim, on whose behalf the claim is made) and the other two girls, and later «continued to engage in sexual relations with Jenny DOE without her consent».

In February, the Texas Rangers called for a vet clinic as part of an investigation conducted by the police. According to the lawyer, a vet, Paul Darrow, Glover denies allegations of rape. The representative said that his client is ready to prove his innocence, passing a polygraph and voluntarily providing a DNA sample to law enforcement authorities.

«Is there anything worse for a man falsely accused of sexual abuse? said Darrow. — I am convinced that the jury acquitted Dr. Glover.»

Lawyers for the alleged victim said that the lawsuit was filed not only in order to attract the vet to justice.

«This lawsuit is intended to prosecute Dr. Glover and the organizations with which he is associated not only with sexual violence, but also for lack of security measures that would ensure that powerful drugs used in clinics for animals from falling into the hands of people like Todd Glover,» said the defender Samantha Martinez in an email to Eyewitness News.

License Glover was suspended by the Board of Directors in January as a result of the charges against him. «Jenny DOE» and her family require more than $100 thousand as compensation.

According to the documents, Glover was reprimanded by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners in June 2017, after he reported that he was charged with assault and burglary in unrelated cases in 2014 and 2016.