Arkansas men checked vest, shooting each other’s rifles 22 caliber

50-year-old Charles Eugene Ferris and 36-year-old Christopher Hicks was arrested after an incident that occurred on Sunday in Rogers, Benton County (Arkansas). Alarmed, the neighbor called the police and said they heard shooting.

Men take turns wearing bulletproof vest to shoot each other

— WLWT (@WLWT) April 3, 2019

Ferris at the time of his arrest on Monday was in the hospital with a big red spot from a heavy bruise on his chest. Charles told the detective that he and another met the unknown in the street at about 10 p.m. that first hit Charles in the chest, and then began to shoot. Charles then allegedly left the car and went to the hospital.

However, his wife Leslie Ferris told the police about everything else: her husband and Hicks were drinking in the yard of their home when the shooting started. Later Charles Ferris confessed to police that he had invented his original version to shield the other. In fact, they are drinking, dressed in turn of the body armor and shot at each other for entertainment.

It turned out that his comrade — Christopher Hicks — also at least five severe bruises on the body. Well, they have, apparently, a good vest (the manufacturer and model of the police did not disclose), which withstood all hits and did not allow the tragic outcome. Fired a friends semi-auto rifle 22 caliber available to them legally.

It may not be their first such game. The neighbor says that they have constantly heard the shooting: «I Have three children, two of them still live here… right near them. They shoot 50 to 100 rounds at a time. With this need to do something. If nothing is done, someone may one day get a serious injury. Maybe someone who is not in armor passing by.»

On Monday, both gunmen were arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, felony class D, for which you can be sentenced to six years imprisonment and a fine of up to $10 000. At the moment, no formal charges are not filed. A couple was yesterday released on bail of $5000. Men are required to attend the hearing in the court of the County of Benton at 8 a.m. may 13.