Massive fire in Brooklyn: 4 residents and 19 firefighters injured

More than two dozen people have been injured as a result of out-of-control fire in a building in Brooklyn.

The flames broke out yesterday 3 April, at 16:45 in a six-storey building in which there are 54 apartments on 44th Street near Seventh Avenue, according to FDNY. About a hundred firefighters tried to contain the fire, but from-for a strong wind it was hard to control it.

The incident resulted in 4 residents and 19 firefighters were injured, not life-threatening. Injuries range from burns to sprains.

During a fire collapsed the roof of the building, so, according to the FDNY, and now the house is uninhabitable.

There are currently two non-life-threatening injuries to civilians reported on scene of a 5-alarm fire, 702 44 St. #Brooklyn

— FDNY (@FDNY) April 3, 2019

Some residents barely had time to get out.

«I realized that the building was on fire,» said Eyewitness News Javier Zuniga, who was in his apartment at the 4th floor when the fire started. Firefighters told him to stay inside, but he could barely breathe.

«I went down the fire escape, — said the resident. — It was really scary. I was on the fire escape a few times, but never down».

Another resident Nina Flores said Post, making their way through the haze and flames, trying to save their two Yorkies: Sparky (10 years) and Patagonia (4 years).

«Firefighters didn’t let me in, she said. But I couldn’t leave them. They’re like my children.»

Still unknown the cause of the fire. According to the FDNY, the fire started on the sixth floor.

Photos taken from a 5th alarm fire in Brooklyn right now .#Bk #Brooklyn #5thalarm #fire #ufa #fdny #secondsmatter

— UFA NYC Firefighters (@UFANYC) April 3, 2019

On Thursday (April 4) morning, fire crews were still at the scene, put out the centers.