«Stop, your life is worth it»: the Company of students from Fresno saved a woman from suicide

Thursday, April 4, 12 disciples Kepler School who are members of the volleyball team at Fresno (California), were able to stop the woman who was going to finish life suicide.

On this day a group of students went to daily exercise. Boys in 6th, 7th and 8th grade, was Jogging when he saw that the bridge Tuolumne Street Bridge, located next to their school was going to jump some woman. She had held on to the railing of the fence for a few moments and decided on a desperate step. Under the bridge are the rail way, and she’d fell down from a height of 100 feet (30.5 m).

Members of the Kepler School’s Volleyball team helped save a life. During practice Thursday afternoon, the students acted.

Posted by Kepler Neighborhood School on Friday, April 5, 2019

Coach children, Elliot Murray, in an interview said that the boys ran to him shouting: «Call 911, call 911».

«They told me that the bridge trying to jump to some woman…,» recalls Murray. Seeing that the bridge was really someone hanging, he quickly dialed the emergency number and told the guys to come closer to the bridge, to attract the attention of a suicide. «I immediately said to the children: «do all you can Do, repeat — «Stop your life». Then they began to chant to her.»

Boys yelled it for about 10 minutes, until a woman changed his mind. She was able to escape to a safe part of the bridge before the police arrived.

Fresno police have not named the woman, known only that she was 47 years old and she’s latina. According to the procedure, it for 72 hours was placed for examination in a psychiatric institution. The reason why the woman decided to commit suicide, is still unknown.

The students and their coach are convinced that the reason the woman changed her mind, it’s their actions. «She looked up, heard the children and realized: «I can’t do it in front of them,» says Murray.