18-year-old mother killed newborn son, and then together with the child’s father threw him

The parents of the deceased newborn from new Jersey was arrested on Friday, April 5.

According to prosecutors, the body of a newborn baby found in a dumpster.

18-year-old mother of the deceased baby, Jada McClain, was charged with murderand desecrating human remains. Guy Jada, Kaymer Mohammed, who, according to preliminary information, the father of the child, is charged only with the desecration of the remains.

According to court documents, jada McClain hid the pregnancy from her family. She only trusted friend, who contacted police when the girl said she gave birth, but the child soon died.

Detectives tracked jada McClain in wall township, where the girl worked. She told the police that he found out about the pregnancy in July 2018.

According to McClain, she gave birth to a boy in the bathroom of his home in the early morning of March 29, and even gave it a name legend.

After that McClain took a shower, washed the child, carried him to his bedroom, laid on the bed and pressed a palm to the chest of the boy, so he couldn’t breathe.

The girl confessed to the alleged father of the child, wrapped her son’s body in a blanket and put it in the bag.

Mohammed came for Jada in the car. A little drive through the town, Mohammed stopped at the dumpsters and threw back the remains. It was recorded by surveillance cameras.

The pair discussed their actions before McClane gave birth, she admitted to the police. According to her, she said to Mohammed: «We have to do what’s best for us.»