Due to the explosion in the basement of an office building in downtown Durham has injured 15 people, at least 1 killed

In North Carolina, in Durham, in the Central square Brightleaf this morning there was a strong explosion in a building (115 N. Duke St). Presumably, about 10.37 am in the morning the gas exploded in the basement that led to a significant collapse in the building and a severe fire.

Previously, the authorities reported one dead and fifteen wounded, taken to hospital. Information is specified.

@WRAL @TheHerald_Sun Explosion in downtown Durham, leveled building, damaged others, hurt people pic.twitter.com/tWEdmW9qpG

— Susana Dancy (@SusanaDancy) April 10, 2019

In the square, next to the affected building is home to many cultural and entertainment venues, restaurants and cafes. Students from its School of the arts Durham, were evacuated and classes dismissed. According to representatives of the schools, none of the students were injured, those children who are not parents took their cars and brought by bus and posted in the school Brogden, where they will wait for their parents.

Firefighters are putting out the Kaffeinate fire from all angles pic.twitter.com/pbFEbVh0xc

— Tevan Alexander (@tevan) April 10, 2019

The affected building was occupied by the firm Prescient Co specializing in software products for construction. Witnesses told reporters that the explosion was very big force and a well felt in the neighboring buildings. «A lot of injuries. Our office is across the street. It was awful. There’s glass everywhere and debris. No one died in our office, except for a few injuries — deep cuts, lacerations… Our office was filled with glass, dust and debris,» says one of the witnesses CNN.

1 dead, at least 15 injured in downtown Durham, North Carolina gas explosion


— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) April 10, 2019

The area around the site of the ongoing fire closed to traffic. It is reported about one affected the fire. Broken Windows and other minor damage was many buildings in downtown Durham, even a few blocks from the explosion.