The man who bought a private island in Florida, was caught stealing things from the store

A resident of Floridawho recently bought a private island for $8 million, was arrested for stealing items worth about $300 from store Kmart.

59-year-old Andrew Lippi purchased a Keurig coffee machine and other products in store in Key West, and later decided to return them, replacing the boxes with other things.

Andrew Francis Lippi, who had just bought a multi-million dollar private island, has been arrested for allegedly stealing household items from Kmart. #9News

— Nine News Sydney (@9NewsSyd) April 10, 2019

According to the police report obtained by the Daily News, the crime Lippi made on March 30. Then he purchased a Keurig coffee machine for about $160 in store Kmart.

Lippi returned to the store the next day to return the item and received a full refund. Later, the staff found that the box, which was returned the man was not a coffee machine, and a basketball.

April 4 Andrew Lippi came back to the store where I bought a coffee maker and eight light bulbs totaling a little over $100. He returned one day. The staff found that the coffee maker was replaced by the same, but the old and the bulb was another brand. A man bought a sheet, which was returned, replacing the pillowcase.

The patience of store employees snapped, and they called the police.

When law enforcement officers asked Lippi about the incident, particularly on the maker and the ball, he replied that «employee on the weight of the box had to understand that there is no machine». He also said he has no idea about the other brand of bulbs and so on.

In addition to Thompson island for $8 million, the man also owns a stunning house with 12 bedrooms, which was once shown on MTV show «Real world».