In the yard of the childhood home, the man found a bone: it turned out to be his missing mother. The accused is her husband

When in 2014 in Florida , Aaron Frazier began excavations in the backyard of his childhood during reconstruction, he discovered a gruesome discovery — human remains.

It was a skull and bones of his mother Bonnie Haim, who disappeared in January 1993, in Jacksonville.

This is the wooden palette under which #BonnieHaim»s remains were discovered in 2014. The picture was taken in March 1993, 2 years after she vanished. Defense attorney Tom Fallis says grass growth thru the slats suggests it had not been disturbed in January. @FCN2go

— anne schindler (@schindy) April 10, 2019

A terrible discovery led to the arrest of wife Bonnie, Michael Haim. He was charged with murder on Tuesday, April 9, started trial.

«The truth was always buried in the back yard,» said assistant state attorney Alan Mizrahi in his opening remarks to the court.

Michael has long been the Prime suspect in the case, but the evidence the prosecution did not have.

The definition of impassive. These pics of #MichaelHaim taken at 5-minute intervals @FCN2go

— anne schindler (@schindy) April 9, 2019

In an interview with WJXT channel soon after the disappearance of Bonnie in 1993, Michael said she left home on the night of 6 January, after another quarrel. «We were not happy together, she wanted to leave, and I did not disturb her», he said.

The lawyer of the accused, Janice Warren, in his opening remarks to the jury said prosecutors do not have sufficient evidence.

It is expected that the childhood memories of Aaron Frazier, who was 3 when he disappeared, his mother, will be the main part of the case against Michael Haim.

After his mother disappeared, he told the social worker that «daddy did mommy hurt.»

The courtroom is filled with supporters for opening statements in #MichaelHaim»s murder trial — his parents, wife’s family and grandparents on the right side, and about 15 members of #BonnieHaim»s family on the left. @FCN2go Livestream link:

— anne schindler (@schindy) April 9, 2019

«Aaron also said that «daddy shot mommy» and «my dad could not Wake up»», — stated in the documents about the arrest of Chaim in 2015.

Next to the remains of Bonnie also found a .22 slug, and Michael Haim was just such a rifle.

Investigators searched the house and yard for several years after the disappearance of the women, but did not find the remains of Bonnie before Aaron began the construction work.

«It was a piece of the puzzle that we lacked,» — said the representative of the Sheriff’s office of Jacksonville Mike Bruno.