A resident of Oregon brutally raped a 15-pound dog of the bride. Had to be put down due to injuries

In Portland, Oregon, 52-year-old Fidel Lopez, being in the house of his bride and waiting for her arrival, brutally raped her little dog.

As found out a consequence, when the bride returned home, he saw that her 15-pound (slightly more than 6 kg) Tibetan girl Estrella lies hunched behind the sofa, and she has visible blood on the back of the coat. The girl took the pet to the veterinary hospital DoveLewis, where experts found injuries too heavy for such a small animal. The dog decided to sleep.

Remembering that Lopez had previously fantasize about bestiality and offered her to buy the dog more, she decided to check on a terrible hunch, and asked the authorities to conduct a study of the dog on sexual violence. According to reports, the DNA analysis confirmed the suspicions of the bride on her perverted fiancé.

A resident of Oregon brutally raped a 15-pound dog of the bride. Had to be put down due to injuriesAt trial, Fidel Lopez pleaded guilty, explaining what had happened to those that drank the day more than necessary. Judge of the district County Multnomah angel Lopez (no relation) expressed deep regret that the law provides for a maximum of 60 days in jail, which lópez was awarded. «If it were possible, I’d love to give you more,» the judge said. In addition to 60 days in custody, the convict added 3 years probation, a fine of $500 (compensation the dog’s owner) and a ban on owning a dog for 15 years and ordered to undergo treatment for those who torture animals.

Lhasa Apso — a small Tibetan dog, trained to guard the sleeping Buddhist monks. Not reported, will have to wait for the bride & groom out of jail or the future of their families are now under threat.