Police warn that upstate new York has increased the sale of marijuana with additives fentanyl

The police of the state of new York warns that in the Northern districts appeared in the illegal trading party marijuana mixed with fentanyl. The drug is sold on the streets and very dangerous for health.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple told reporters that on Thursday in Knox were found in the car three people unconscious with symptoms of drug poisoning. They managed to save the doctors, however, things could have ended much worse. Without naming the exact number, he told about several deaths from the use of marijuana, mixed with the potent opiate in the area.

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Also this week, according to Sheriff Sullivan County, in the Parking lot of Walmart in the town of Thompson was seized suspicious marijuana. Her test showed positive for fentanyl, which played a role in many fatal cases of overdose.

But death, ventanilla Supplement can cause serious illness, and quickly the addiction to hard drugs. Party, released in street sale in the Northern part of the state, may be major, its detection and elimination will take time, residents are advised to refrain from purchases, especially from strangers. Fentanyl can be added by attackers specifically to translate the consumer to harder drugs.