In South Florida Uber driver tried to have sex with the sleeping passenger, and then stole a watch and $50

On Thursday evening, April 11, police in North Miami beach (County of Miami-Dade County) have arrested a 45-year-old driver of Uber Emilio Lazaro Victores, accusing him of sexual assault on his passenger, whom he picked up on 16 March 2019. The victim came to South Florida from South Carolina on vacation. In North Miami beach, she rented a house.

The victim told police that ordered Uber Pool (trip with multiple passengers) and went to meet his friends in Biscayne Park. On the road in the car hooked simultaneously 3 passengers. They had the opportunity to go next, a woman moved from the back passenger seat in the front, and soon fell asleep there.

After some time, according to the arrest report released Friday, the woman suddenly awoke to the fact that Victories piled on top of her and kissed on the lips. She cried out, «Stop. Leave me alone!» and pushed the man. In the car, besides them, no one else was. The woman couldn’t understand where they’re at, the car was parked on the roadside in an unknown part of the city.

Victories, as he later told the detective muttered only, «I’m sorry» and tears with her.

When the driver moved, the woman saw that her genitals are exposed. She told the detective that the men trousers were unbuttoned and underwear a little down. The victim was not sure if it was rape.

It is reported that she demanded that the driver take her back home and not carried further in Biscayne Park, he did so.

Back home, she found that she had lost a Rolex watch and $50.

Contacting the police, she was able to identify him in a photo found in the Appendix. Police made the arrest after he had been made a DNA test.

The man is now behind bars. On Friday held its first hearing in the case on which he stated that he stopped the car on the side of the road to «check the tires». His bail was set at $25 thousand If he will be able to pay this amount, pending sentencing should be placed under house arrest.

UBER ASSAULT: An @Uber driver, who previously served 15 years in prison, is now accused of sexually assaulting a woman who fell asleep in his car. Despite the charges, the rideshare company is still defending its hiring process. @WPLGLocal10 is LIVE with their response…

— Trent Kelly (@TrentKellyWPLG) April 13, 2019

At the trial it became known that Victories already had earlier problems with the law. In 2002, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for a fatal attack on a man with a knife, released in 2016. And in 1995 received 6 years in prison for robbery and aggravated assault. These items have caused deep concern to the Prosecutor. «It is terrible that someone with such a criminal history be allowed to work at Uber,» said the Prosecutor to the judge, calling the situation «appalling».

After it became known about the incident, Uber stated that Victories already removed from the system, and also announced that we now intend to clarify the biographical data of all their drivers. According to the law of Florida, the carrier shall check drivers for the presence in their biographies convictions within the last 5 years.