The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is burning. Collapsed spire

In the French capital, burning the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral, has fallen the main spire of the Cathedral, burned part of the load-bearing structures. While there are no details, except that on the Republic attracted considerable force of fire, and the area is closed to traffic.

7 centuries of history going down in flames

— Martin Tairo (@mmtairo) April 15, 2019

It is noted that a year ago the administration of the Cathedral and the representatives of the Catholic Church said about the deplorable condition of the monument and the threat of its collapse.


— Pascal Miniconi (@PMiniconi) April 15, 2019

According to AFP, the fire started at about 18-50 local time. Firefighters believe that the cause of the fire could be violations in restoration work. While there is no information on casualties and estimated damage to buildings. The visitors ‘ entrance to the building is terminated at 18: 00, which gives hope that the inside of the Cathedral was not supposed to be a lot of people.

Fire breaks out at historic #NotreDame cathedral in #Paris

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Social networks filled with scary photos and videos taken by tourists who came to see the wonder of architecture of medieval Europe.

In #París , the cathedral of #NotreDame It is engulfed in flames. At the moment, unknown details about the causes. More information in a moment. Özden Öner Ozden Oner @Ozden_Oner

— Edward Hallet Carr (@EdwardHalletCar) April 15, 2019

The President of France Emmanuel macron has canceled a planned speech due to a fire, according to France 24. The press service of the Elysee Palace reported that the Makron is going to arrive to the scene of the incident.

Save her, please 💔🙏#NotreDame

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Also known as Notre Dame Cathedral, Notre Dame built nearly two hundred years from 1163 1345 for years, is one of the most important monuments of Gothic architecture and is included in any tourist itinerary for guests of the French capital.

notre dame de paris is literally burning to the groud i cant believe this #NotreDame

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