In the US the Church has apologized for a video in which children spit on the assistant pastor and cut it with a knife

The preacher from Ohio suggested to the students to spit on him, slap his face and cut him with a knife. Videos strange of the lesson was then released on the Internet.

In the US the Church has apologized for a video in which children spit on the assistant pastor and cut it with a knifeAssistant pastor Addeus Dempsey

Visit the Church Impact City in Facebook has a video apology. On the record lead pastor Justin Ross said that the incident occurred at a regular meeting of the parishioners of the Church after school on Monday, April 14.

According to Ross, assistant pastor of Addeus Dempsey tried to tell the disciples about the meaning of Easter and the crucifixion of Jesus. Ross explained that usually at these sessions students are given the opportunity to spend time with friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

However, a five-minute lesson on Bible study, went awry when Dempsey decided to show the suffering of Christ. The man first told the children to spit on him, and some really did it. But the situation worsened when the associate pastor called on the students to hit him, and then asked them to make cuts on his back with a steak knife.

One of the mothers named Mandy, whose son was captured on video, learned about the incident from a friend.

«The guy is being filmed, turns around, grabs the knife and passes it directly to my son,» said the mother of the student. After watching the video she rushed to the Church to pick up the boy.

Later, Dempsey apologized to the Church youth and parents in an unsuccessful attempt to teach a Christian lesson.

«I wanted to show them how much Jesus loves them and that I love them as a student leader, for nearly four years, said the assistant pastor, stressing that this will never happen again. I’m sorry for the pain I caused».

But parents are not satisfied with the apology. Mandy and her husband Josh announced that they will no longer send your child to City Impact Church. They also contacted the County Sheriff’s office Licking with a request to investigate the incident.

Ross told 10TV that they will have to discuss with Church representatives the future of Dempsey.