Residents of 11 States observed in the sky a ball of light similar to meteorite (video)

On Tuesday evening, April 16, hundreds of residents from 11 States and Washington (D.C.) saw in the sky flying ball of light, possibly a meteorite.

According to witnesses, it happened around 23 o’clock in the evening Eastern time.

The American meteor society (American Meteor Society) announced that it has received 325 reports of meteor or fireball seen over new Jersey, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, North Carolina, new Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont and West Virginia, and in Washington (D. C.).

While there is no exact confirmation from the scientists, whether it was a meteor, and flew it the debris to the ground, but the inhabitants of the County of Cape may in the state of new Jersey said that when I was flying meteorite, their houses «shook».

In addition, about 45 people in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark also stated that he saw something like a meteor. Reports of glowing ball in the sky also came from Brazil.

Many managed to capture the glowing Orb in the photo and video.

Huge #meteor visible from #DC at 10:57 pm. Retweet and/or DM me for more details.

Steve Chazin (@stevechazin) April 17, 2019

BREAKING NEWS PIC — Caught by a DashCam video from a FA subscriber! Enhanced and zoomed in from First Alert — Nice size…

Posted by Anne Arundel First Alert on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

In January 2018, a large meteorite fell in Michigan. The crash occurred on the evening of 16 January, this caused an earthquake of magnitude 2 points — said the weather Service Detroit.

The meteorite was visible not only in Michigan, but in five Midwestern States: Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and the canadian Ontario.

And in October 2018 in the same Michigan found that a 10-pound stone, which is a resident of Edmore propped up the front door for 30 years, turned out to be a meteorite worth $100 thousand.