Amber Alert: wanted 15-year-old girl who may be with the suspects in the murder

Police in California have appealed to the public asking for help in continuing the search for missing 15-year-old girl.

Thursday, April 18, at Los Angeles issued the Amber Alert for Alora Benitez. The last time the girl had seen about 9.00 am on 17 April in TORRANCE (CA). She was together with mother Mărişel Mercado and man Roman Serratosa.

According to the County Sheriff’s Department Los Angeles, this pair is considered a suspect in the murder, which occurred on April 16 in Carson (CA). The victim, whose name was not released, was found dead in the front seat of a white Audi. The police said that they are «armed and dangerous».

Amber Alert: wanted 15-year-old girl who may be with the suspects in the murderAmber Alert for 15-year-old Alora Benitez

The girl, her mother and Serratos left TORRANCE in a white four-door sedan BMW 2013 with license plate Nevada MARIMAR.

«The Bureau for the investigation of the murders of the County of Los Angeles is asking the public to help find the station, — reads the statement of the Sheriff. — Please do not take independent action, call 911 and inform local police or Sheriff’s deputies».

According to the description of the police, Serratos — Hispanic, his height is 185 cm and weight about 95 lbs. he has brown eyes. Among will be called a beard and a shaved bald head.

Mercado latina, growth 160 cm, weight — 59 kg, she has brown hair and brown eyes.

Alora itself is also a latina height 157 cm and weight about 45 lbs. she has brown curly hair and brown eyes.

With any information relating to an investigation, you can contact detective Lawler or detective Bloggo to the Sheriff’s office Los Angeles phone (323) 890-5500.