Death of aspiring actress: the girl was dragged under the train in new York subway

The NYPD is investigating the death of a resident of Brooklyn, who died under the wheels of a train in the subway of new York.

The victim was 21-year-old aspiring actress Helen MacDonald-Falung. The girl stood on the platform of the 14th Street Union Square on Saturday (April 20th) around 3 am and waited for train No. 6. When he arrived, a piece of clothing caught on the car and pushed her under the train.

According to police, a surveillance camera recorded as she was dragged across the platform before she fell on the way.

«Preliminary investigation indicates that [the death of Falung] was accidental, but the investigation continues,» — reads the statement of the police Department of new York.

MTA workers turned off the electricity, when rescuers tried to pull Falung. They failed: the doctors recorded the death at the scene.

As told by her mother Wall Street Journal, her daughter moved to new York from South Carolina, dreaming of becoming an actress.

«She was amazing, beautiful light. I’m devastated,» said the grieving woman.

Death of aspiring actress: the girl was dragged under the train in new York subwayHelen MacDonald-Falung

At the time of death Falung worked at ThinkGeek in Manhattan. The company has dedicated a post to Facebook this tragedy.

«A real beacon of joy and positivity to all those fortunate enough to know her or know about her, the message reads ThinkGeek. — We will keep memories of her in our hearts. We love you, Helen!»

The company has created a page on GoFundMe, where she’s raising money for the family of the girl.