In the United States may restrict the entry of persons from countries with a high level of expired tourist visas

Donald trump signed a presidential Memorandum regarding a large number of recipients of non-immigrant visaswho are in the country after the expiry of the visa.

This was reported on the White house website.

Trump obliged the Secretary of state and the Department of homeland security to find effective ways of dealing with the huge number of so-called «visa overstays».

By order of the President trump the Secretary of state will work to ensure that countries, citizens of which the percentage of overdue us visas exceeded 10%, solved this problem.

One of the most harsh measures, which is regarded by the US authorities – suspension or restriction of entry to the U.S. persons from countries with a high level of expired visas.

As noted in the White house, as of March 2019 in the United States, there were more than 415 thousand people suspected that they are in arrears of their nonimmigrant visas in 2018.

In twenty countries the level of outstanding us visas is more than 10%, in some other reaches 20-40%.

«We have laws that must be followed to protect Americans and to protect the integrity of the system, because right now millions of people waiting for their turn to come to America,» said trump.

And here is how commented on the news Natalia Polutin, immigration lawyer in Global Practice, Arizona:

«It is not clear how this will be calculated in reality, but it is assumed that if more than 10% of the citizens of some countries are using tourist visas «for other purposes», the number of visas for citizens of these countries will be limited. In addition, for these countries will decline, the validity of visas, more strictly limited to the time spent in the United States, and they will be more likely to issue target disposable and not refillable visa».