35-year-old woman was killed in meat grinder at the factory in Pennsylvania

35-year-old Jill Grininger was tragically killed in a workplace in the town of Muncie in the meat plant 324 Worthington Lane, in Pennsylvania, after falling into a meat grinder. Her colleague heard strange sounds coming from the meat processing machine. To disable and analysis unit took 45 minutes. Finally, the workers found the cause.

Worker Locker Storage Company, was found dead Monday morning in the analysis grinder. Maybe she accidentally fell down the stairs or, on the contrary, she was trying to get something from the car and was dragged to the crusher. It happened around 11:40. Immediate witnesses of the incident have not yet found.

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«It’s just a tragedy, told the local Sun Gazette the County Liling Coroner Charles Kiessling Jr. She died in the moving parts of the machine. I don’t know how she got in the moving part: either they pulled it or it just slipped and fell. And there is no way to determine that.»

35-year-old woman was killed in meat grinder at the factory in Pennsylvania

Investigators from the Department of safety and occupational health Ministry of labour of the USA arrived on the scene and are investigating the circumstances of death of the woman, but have not yet given their comments. A colleague of the deceased told the ABC that Jill was a remarkable person: «My heart aches for all concerned. All are shocked and think it is a tragedy that this should not have happened with this young woman.»