The woman got in the car, thinking it’s Uber and then the driver attacked her

A woman subjected to sexual violence by a man who introduced himself as a driver for Uber, warns others to not become another victim.

«It scares me that he can do it with someone else,’ said Kirsten Paige from Seattle channel KCPQ. — Please, please, don’t repeat my mistakes.»

According to police in Kirkland and most page, the attack took place on March 16. The woman was waiting for an Uber car outside a pub when she was approached by a man and asked: «Waiting for Uber?». Kirsten thought it was her ordered car, and sat in it.

According to police, this is not an isolated case in recent times in Western Washington. Law enforcement officers warn rapists driving around in cars that have badges Uber or Lyft, and «hunt» for women who are in a state of alcoholic intoxication, and waiting for my taxi.

According to Paige, the driver stopped in a dark Parking lot and attacked her. She could not escape because the doors were locked.

«I was fighting for my life. For some reason he stopped moving for a moment, and I saw ahead the unlock button. I reached for her, pushed the driver and jumped out of the car».

According to the woman, the assailant immediately left, and she called 911.

We will remind, in March of this year a student from South Carolina also got in the wrong car and was killed. Kristen Paige said she prays for the girl’s family every day.

«Be careful, — warned Paige. — Make sure the license plate matches that mark’s car is the same as the one in the order. Wait for the driver to call you by name.»