In Yonkers, during a street shooting killed bystanders

Thursday, April 25, in Yonkers in one of the streets in the evening thundered shot, with the result that he was mortally wounded in the head by 18-year-old girl. According to the police, most likely, it was «at the wrong time in the wrong place.» An ambulance quickly transported the wounded to a local hospital, but to save her failed.

The fatal shooting occurred near the Lake and Morningside Avenues around 18:30. The deceased young girl — Marilyn Cotto montanes of real Zaragoza, whose family lives on Morningside Ave. The girl along with her 9-year-old sister went for art materials for her school project.

According to police, this time on the street between two groups of men got into an argument, at some point, the conflict escalated and some began to flee, the others gave chase. During the chase, a shot rang out, the bullet only struck absolutely nothing to do with this confrontation of a person.

How to tell the family of the dead girl, montanes for the away team received a fatal wound trying to protect his sister. «She was an angel watching over us. She proved that when pushed to our sister out of the way [on secure section of the street],» said 34-year-old brother Julian Cotto. «She gave her life for our little sister. For me it will always be a hero.»

Relatives also told reporters that montanes for the away team was going to study medicine. «She was going to go to College to become a doctor,» said one of her relatives, who refused to introduce himself. «She spoke with Fordham University. In Maryland she had in mind a few colleges that she wanted to do. I mean, she had options. She was an overachiever».

Now the family with GoFoundMe raises funds in order to adequately hold montanes of real Zaragoza in the last path, the remaining funds will be used for psychological rehabilitation of rescued her 9-year-old sister.

Police Commissioner Charles Gardner said Friday: «Last night we experienced a tragic event when a young man died because of the use of weapons. The police of Yonkers allocates all available resources to apprehend the person responsible for this terrible crime».

It is reported that the suspects fled the scene. Later two men were taken into custody for questioning but they had not yet been charged. The investigation is ongoing.