In Seattle with the height of the building on the street collapsed construction crane: four people were killed

Construction crane fell from a building under construction in the heart of the city on Saturday afternoon, just at the moment when it was dismantled.

Camera DVR recorded an eerie moment when a crane flew down to the passing down of the machine. In another video, filmed in just a few moments before the incident, it is clear that the crane is very dangerous swinging in the wind. Dean Casmer and his dad Eric have decided to shoot tap on the camera when I saw what he tipped. Dean told the Seattle Times: «I thought he would fall. It was located at an angle. He was not exactly».

Just five minutes after the men made a video, they heard a very loud sound and immediately realized that it was the crane fell. Father and son has provided a video of the police, which was investigating the incident.

A crane has fallen down over Mercer street in Seattle, near Interstate 5. Substantial police and fire response.

— Evan Bush (@evanbush) April 27, 2019

Victims of the incident were 4 people. Among them were Sarah Vaughn, first-year student from Seattle Pacific University. At the time of the tragedy, she was driving his car on the street and Mercer Street. After the girl’s death at the University, said: «it is With deep regret that we must confirm that one of our students died as a result of the crane collapse in Seattle on April 27».

The other two victims were foreign workers, desantirovanie faucet. One of them, Andrew Yoder (31) from Seattle, described as a young father. His colleague, whose name has not been disclosed, came from Portland. A man recently married.

An update on today’s crane collapse:

— Seattle Fire Dept. (@SeattleFire) April 28, 2019

The fourth victim, like Sarah, was driving at the time of the tragedy in the car. His name is also not called.

According to the Fire Department of Seattle, construction crane fell from a building on Google street Mercer Street at about 15:30 and hit 6 at the bottom of the passing cars. It is unknown what led to the fall of the crane.

As told by Susan Gregg from the medical center Harborview Medical Center as a result of the incident injured 3 people, including a baby, but their wounds are not dangerous.

Mayor Jenny Durkan tweeted on Saturday: «This is a tragic day for Seattle when in the center of the city was such a terrible incident. Condolences to those who lost loved ones today. But we also saw several miracles including surviving a mother and her child, whose car was damaged during the incident, but they were alive.»

A construction crane has fallen and killed several people in the South Lake Union neighborhood of #Seattle today, falling off of a new Google building on Mercer St at Fairview. for @reuterspictures

— Lindsey Wasson (@lindseywasson) April 28, 2019

According to GeekWire, Google will be moving to South lake Union this summer. The complex of buildings is under construction for almost 2 years and will consist of 607 thousand square feet of office space and 149 apartments.

Google first opened an office in Seattle 15 years ago, and now the company employs about 3400 employees. In the city all the time increases the number of companies, including Amazon, so there are dozens of construction cranes. In January, Seattle was involved in about 60 cranes, far more than in any other American city.