Five people are trapped in «the cave of the Cyclops» all weekend due to heavy rain

Five people rescued in southwest Virginia from the cavewhere they were trapped, from Friday due to heavy rains.

According to the coordinator of search and rescue works of emergency Department of Virginia, Billy Grimes, on Sunday evening, April 28, all five travelers were taken to the hospital after they managed to get out of the cave. All the victims diagnosed with hypothermia and exhaustion, but the lives of the men threatens nothing.

Five people are trapped in «the cave of the Cyclops» all weekend due to heavy rainPhotos: WJHL

Last Friday night, six people came to the cave and Cyclops Cave («the cave of the Cyclops») near Cleveland, decided to set up camp there and spend the night, but at this time began the rain, and out of the cave soon became impossible.

According to authorities, the group is not prepared to overnight in the cave tourists don’t have enough food and water.

Only in the night from Saturday to Sunday 22-year-old tourist managed to escape and call for help. The guy told me that the cave remained five persons — males aged from 34 to 59 years.

According to Grimes, trapped, fortunately, not moved far into the cave, the length of which is about 7 miles.

On Sunday morning, April 28, the first rescue team a half hour looking for victims. They gave blankets, food, water and medicines, after which local authorities and the state government began to plan an operation to raise the tourists.

By Sunday evening all the men managed to get out of the cave.

«I am pleased to report that all the people rescued from the cave in Cleveland, Virginia — wrote on Twitter Governor Ralph Northam. — I Express my deepest gratitude to everyone who helped tourists.»