After a fire at a zinc factory in North Carolina up in the air got toxic substances. Local residents were evacuated

Due to the toxic air power of North Carolina announced a forced evacuation zone within a half-mile from the fierce fire.

Firefighters were called to the plant for processing zinc American Zinc Products in Mooresboro Sunday around 20:00. The raging flames were very powerful and sometimes rose above 23 meters.

Firefighters managed to isolate the fire to one room of the plant, but then they were forced to retreat when their equipment showed that air got dangerous substances. According to the Associated Press, the fire in the air could get to harmful sulfuric acid.

Sunday evening on the Facebook page of a local fire Department appeared this message: «At this point in the Rutherford passes the evacuation within a half-mile from a zinc plant due to air quality». In subsequent posts they called «pray» during the fire, at least 100 of whom was summoned to the scene of the incident.

Late at night in a post on Facebook power wrote that the deputies went from door to door to inform local residents about the mandatory evacuation.

Temporary asylum was organized in the school gym, Chase Middle School, although, as noted by the school Director, Jason Baird, Monday’s class will be held as usual.

Charred, smoldering remains of Sunday night’s fire at American Zinc Products in Rutherford Co NC. A half mile evacuation is still in order

— Codie Sloan (@CSloanWYFF) April 29, 2019

By 7:15 on Monday, the flame was extinguished, but the air quality is still going on.

The cause of the fire has not yet been installed.