Kansas fired the teacher who kicked 5 year old girl

In the County of Shawnee, Kansas, elementary school teacher fired because she kicked a 5-year-old student.

In the Internet appeared the video of the shocking situation in high school Bluejacket-Flint in the County of Shawnee, which occurred on February 21. The teacher, later mounted as crystal Smith kicked the girl hiding in the closet. The lawyer of the family of the injured Dan Zmievskaya said that the girl was injured and was «afraid to return to that school.» After the incident, the girl’s family sent her to home schooling.

Teacher is fired after she was caught on camera KICKING a kindergartner during a library class because she was ‘hiding’ behind a bookshelf.Kansas teacher Crystal Smith has been fired.She taught at Bluejacket Flint Elementary school in Shawnee pic.twitter.com/gC9f8dumMp

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To investigate joined the police and the administration of the school district. Representative district David Smith said Kansascity, that the mother of the student contacted the school the day of the accident. Officials checked her message and scanned the footage. Administrators then called the teacher to discuss the incident. First, she was sent on vacation, and once the investigation was completed (March 25), was fired. «There was no doubt that we will do our best to immediately dismiss the teacher and to look after this child. No child should experience this,» said Smith. Crystal Smith worked at this school the first year.

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The lawyer and the family of the girl say in the NY Post that the child immediately after the incident, tried to tell several employees of the school, but his words are ignored.