One-year-old girl more than 25 times bitten in kindergarten in Arizona (photo)

The health Department of Arizona are investigating after year old girl was bitten over 25 times in kindergarten in Tucson.
According to police, the incident occurred in late February in kindergarten Creative Beginnings.

Sunday, April 28, the child’s mother, Alice Bryant, published in Facebook photos of the child’s injuries, noting that «the case is closed and there are no results.»

Please share. We just EAS’d and moved to Tucson. Within 5 days of starting her new daycare my daughter was bit 25+…

Posted by Alice Bryant on Sunday, April 28, 2019

Officials refute the mother’s claim. Here’s what they said channel KOLD News 13: «the Department of health of the state of Arizona (ADHS) is investigating the incident in the kindergarten Creative Beginnings and working with law enforcement. The investigation has not been completed, ADHS could not comment on ongoing investigations».

In the police Department of Tucson said the charges yet was not charged, and no arrests were made.

Year-old daughter Alice Bryant supposedly received more than two dozen bites from another child at kindergarten. The photo shows the bite marks cover her back and shoulders girls.

«I left her with a man who did not look after her! The teachers hadn’t told me about what happened when I was taking it,» said local media Bryant.

According to mother, she was concerned that a similar incident could happen to another child.

«So, the teachers did not intervene, or children left alone, or they ignored the screams, I don’t know. But for the amount of bites it takes time,» said the mother of the injured girl, who has urged parents not to send their children to Creative Beginnings.