A student from Iowa was killed by a stray bullet when just driving along the road

Girl 25 years old from Iowa was killed and 32-year-old man wounded when both of them caught a stray bullet.

Police in Waterloo Iowa offers a reward of $7 million for help in apprehending the man responsible for the death of Mikaly Rettinger and the wounding of her friend Adam Kimball.

According to KWWL (NBC unit in Waterloo), first bullet entered the neck Rettinger, flying through the window on the driver side, and then hurt Kimball. The third passenger in the car were not injured.

Dad of the girl said that his daughter probably drove my boyfriend home after a night shift at the bar when the incident occurred.

After being wounded Rettinger were able to reach the highway, where later the doctors pronounced her death.

The father of Mically added: «It seems so unbelievable and nonsensical that I can’t believe it».

The girls basketball program is mourning the loss of a former player. Micalla(KK) Rettinger passed away Sunday morning in Waterloo, Iowa. Micalla cared deeply about her teammates and her renditions of the star spangled banner were breathtaking. We love you KK. pic.twitter.com/08jN6Z8Uq7

— ParkHillGirlsBB (@ParkHillGirlsBB) April 30, 2019

A police spokesman Waterloo Joe Lebold said that one of the first versions that they tested, it was aggressive behavior on the road, but obviously this was not the cause of the shooting. On the track at 2:30 a.m. Sunday there were few cars, and officers do not consider that Rettinger could someone «cut».

The police also said that there is no evidence that Rettinger, who studied dentistry, was involved in activities that could lead to such an outcome. Most likely they consider the hypothesis that it was the bullet of the hunter, perhaps, were there illegally.

Officials said, from what distance a shot was fired or what kind of weapon was used.