The passenger of Delta flight tried to jump out of a plane in the sky over new York

Today, Friday, on Board the flight 5935 Delta flying to new York from North Carolina, a female passenger tried to open door in flight of the aircraft, when it was reduced for landing at LaGuardia airport.

The plane landed safely at 13-35, but on the platform he was met by law enforcement officers. As reported by the authorities, a young woman of about twenty, probably wanting to commit suicide, tried to open the door of the plane. Her father pulled her from the door, but as they say the rest of the passengers, her cries were terrible. «She sat behind us, so when it is pushed to its place, it was awful to see her suicidal stress», — wrote on Twitter Stacy Herbert.

Young woman just tried to jump out of our plane. Couldn’t get door open, of course.

— Stacy Herbert (@stacyherbert) May 10, 2019

In audio recordings from the air traffic control LaGuardia, broadcast by NBC, the pilot reported to the dispatcher that onboard emergency: «we Have a mentally deranged passenger tried to open the front door. Now everything is under control. We will steer to the gate,» says the pilot.

About injuries had been reported, and the passenger escorted from the plane and sent to check into the Lenox Hill hospital. Officials emphasize that no matter what the woman was trying to do, the door of the plane should not and cannot open in flight, since the negative pressure will not allow it to open.

The passenger of Delta flight tried to jump out of a plane in the sky over new Brown Photography/CC