The disappearance of Malia Davis | the Girl entered the house after her stepfather and since then nobody has seen her

The last pictures Malia Davis, the missing 4-year-old girl from Houston (TX), you can see how she comes home with her stepfather for 5 days before he reported her disappearance. Now he faces a murder charge.

Surveillance cameras recorded as April 30, a girl came into the house after Dariana Vince, his stepfather. After this baby is never seen again. The third camera may have removed one of Vince when he was carrying a Laundry basket with a large black trash bag inside.

On the same day, he said that the girl, his son and himself kidnapped. The police quickly denied the story. At the moment, 26-year-old man is in custody, but the body is Malia still hasn’t been found and murder charges had not been charged.

Vince said that 3 may was riding with Malia and son to the airport to meet the mother of the children, when he heard a noise in the car and stopped. Then next to them from under the ground appeared three Latinos who hit the man and stole a father with children. Vince said that he doesn’t remember the events of the next 24 hours. He woke up near the road, next was his son, and the girl disappeared. Then he went to the hospital in sugar Land, to report the kidnapping.

The police quickly realized that this is a fictional story, and arrested the stepfather of the girl.

Meanwhile, the mother of Malia said that Vince had «lost it» and attacked Malia in a fit of rage after she broke off their engagement and accused him of the commitment based on sexual orientation. Activist of the civil rights movement Quanell X, who spoke to the media along with the girl’s mother, said: «When it happened, I guess he lost control of himself. And that’s not to mention the fact that he was so hurt Malia. He did it to hurt the mother, therefore, from which she will never recover.»

Despite claims that Vince hurt Malia, the girl’s mother left her daughter in his care to go to Connecticut to visit a family member.

Beyond that, there are a lot of questions about the life of a child in the family. Last year the girl was taken away from the custody of the mother in connection with the allegations of physical abuse of a child. In March, she underwent brain surgery. Mother of Malia insisted that the girl was injured during a fall, so it was returned to custody in February of this year.

After the disappearance of the girl her mother made an emotional appeal by praying for the safe return of his daughter. Her biological father also made a statement, demanding that Vince’s response about what happened with his daughter.