Employee mobile Luna Park turned out to be a serial killer: is aware of three cases

23-year-old employee of a traveling amusement Park, a resident of Virginia, is accused of the murders of two women and 17-year-old girl.

The murder occurred within 18 days in the community of Mendota (Washington County, Virginia).

23-year-old James Wright was charged after he confessed to killing the three women met during operation of the mobile amusement Park.

All three women were reported missing in the period from 28 February to 17 March this year.

Employee mobile Luna Park turned out to be a serial killer: is aware of three casesPhoto: Washington County SD

According to court documents obtained by WJHL channel, Wright admitted that on February 28 shot Elizabeth Vanmeter and buried her body near his home in Mendota. In recognition of Wright, March 9, he killed 17-year-old girl after they had sexual intercourse in the woods near his home. Wright claimed that he tried to shoot the animal when hit the girl (her name is not disclosed).

Also the guy admitted that he killed Atin Jamal hopson when they were on a walk on March 17. The woman’s body not yet found, according to Wright, it fell out of the car into the river, when he moved the bridge.

During the press conference, Sheriff Fred Newman said James Wright claimed that all three killings were random.

«But we find it hard to believe that based on the information available to us,» said Newman.

The Sheriff confirmed that Wright was a subcontractor to mobile Luna Park , The James H. Drew Exposition.

Newman added that the government was working with the company to determine all the places where amusement Park. After that, police check reports of missing persons in those areas.

According to the Sheriff, informed the 23-year-old Wright was not prosecuted and was absolutely clean before the law.

If a man is convicted, he could face the death penalty. Now Wright is imprisoned without the right of bail.