While trying to arrest a police officer shot a woman who was screaming she was pregnant (video)

In BAYTOWN (state of Texas) are investigating the incident involving a police officer who was shot while trying to arrest a woman. The video, which was posted eyewitnesses in social networks, the woman tells the officer that pregnant.

The police has not confirmed whether the shooting was the woman really pregnant. The victim’s name was not made public.

The incident occurred late on Monday evening, may 13. In the video, published on social networks, it is noticeable that the officer follows a woman and intends to arrest her. Later, the officer uses the Taser.

Then begins the brawl, a police officer, probably trying to put on a woman handcuffed and she screams, «I’m pregnant!». Officer for a moment depart from her, and she does some dramatic gesture, and then heard five shots, and the woman falls to the ground.

Police Lieutenant BAYTOWN Steve Dorris wrote a post on the page of the local Department in Facebook:

«One of our officers serving in the Department for 11 years, was patrolling a residential complex in the 1600 block on Garth road when he had a fight with 45-year-old woman, for the arrest which was existing orders».

Doris added: «the Officer tried to arrest her, the struggle, the officer used the Taser. When he tried to handcuff the woman, she drew his Taser and struck the officer with a current. It made him shoot.»

According to Steve Dorris, the woman died at the scene.

Here is the shooting scene in Baytown. Our crew is there waiting on an update from @BaytownPolice1. I’ve seen the video that apparently shows the shooting. We are working to track down the orginal poster to get permission to share parts of it. #khou11 pic.twitter.com/ortI9zkZBA

— Brett Buffington (@BrettKHOU) May 14, 2019

Representatives of Prosecutor’s office Harris County went to BAYTOWN and also conduct investigation. Local police said that the officer who shot a woman at the time placed on administrative leave, which is a «common practice» in such cases.