The young mother took the newborn, because it has not passed a drug test after eating a bagel with poppy seeds

Less than a week after the birth of little Carter Dominguez and his mother Elizabeth are resting in their home in Tonawanda. However, the emergence of a child into the world was not so simple.

When Elizabeth birth pains began, she was asked to hand over urine on the analysis. The girl says: «I did a test and it showed that my body contains opiates. Shocked, I called my husband and asked him how this is even possible, because I don’t do drugs». Elizabeth’s husband, once was asked what she ate that day. «I told him I ate a bagel and a sandwich. Nothing more. He told me that it should be a bagel,» continued Elizabeth.

It turned out the girl had eaten a bagel with poppy seeds containing small amounts of morphine and codeine are the main natural opioids.

Dr. Michelle Rainka, clinical pharmacist at DENT, explains what happened: «In some cases, many eaten poppy seeds, like on a bagel, leads to a small content of morphine and codeine in urine». Dr. Rainka said that all those who have to pass a test on the content of drug in the body, should know about it. «Approximately 1-3 bagels with poppy seeds can cause a positive result on the content of prohibited substances in the urine test».

Dominguez gave birth to a son on the same day, and checking her child for opiates were negative. Nevertheless, the hospital monitored the health status of Carter, and since Elizabeth has not passed a drug test, doctors were forced to follow Protocol and report the incident to the guardianship.

Elizabeth was discharged, and Carter left the hospital, having separated mother and child is less than 24 hours after birth. The girl recalls, «I felt like a terrible mother leaving him there. I just want everyone to know that this can happen. It’s so horrible and I don’t want that to happen with someone else.»