New Yorkers are agog with reports of passengers who run out from the station, Herald Square, throwing things

According to social media, in the Manhattan metro Herald Square people ran out, leaving their things.

Not yet clear the cause of the incident, it is only known that the incident at 34th St Herald Square Subway Station. Users write about running out of the subway car terrified the people, some of whom shout and look around. They tweeted at least a dozen reports of panic.

«I don’t know what just happened, — says one of the users of James McKenna — but we just stopped at 34th St. Penn Station and everyone started to run. <…> No one knows what happened.»

«I don’t know what the matter is but at the station something happened. added Matt Grossman — All the screaming and somewhere to run. The NYPD seems to be quite promptly responded».

The NYPD is already looking into the circumstances of the incident. MTA reports delays of trains on the lines B, D, F, M.

i do not know what just happened but just stopped at 34th st penn station and everyone just started RUNNING.

orange lines got completely cleared out and everyone ran upstairs dropping backpacks and stuff while sprinting.

no one has a clue what on earth caused it. woof.

— james mckenna (@chillhartman) May 15, 2019

Was on that train. Saw people running by and looking back frantically. Then ran for my life! Walking uptown now… fresh air! Phew!

— Jared Dworken (@jareddworken) May 15, 2019

The D Train in question is now being evacuated.

— Matt Grossman (@MGrossman92) May 15, 2019

According to the latest information, the reason for the commotion — a fight between two men.