The police staged a spectacular chase a driver who was drunk 12-year-old girl who stole a car from a sleeping grandpa

Police lapel camera recorded the moment when 12-year-old girl was arrested after he took the car grandpa to drunk to ride with three friends.

Police officers arrived on another call, were searching for the suspect when he saw the car move off from the closed commercial areas. When the officer tried to establish the identity of the owner of the car, the driver took off and left. Then the car tried to escape from persecution, advancing along highway U. S. Highway 70, until he crashed into a road sign and nearly collided with 2 patrol cars.

Shooting lapel camera video obtained by KRQE, shows that as officers surrounded the car and shouted to the driver and passengers got out of the car. In addition, one of the officers had to strike the baton on the glass.

Police were stunned when with your hands out of the car, finally, came the 12-year-old girl. The video also shows three friends of a teenager aged 12 to 13 years old, lying on the road after they were surrounded by police.

It is reported that the girl told the cops that waited for grandpa to fall asleep and took his car. She admitted that went for friends so they could drink alcohol. In confirmation of their words in the car were found a bottle of Smirnoff and a few bottles of Hard Iced Tea.

All children admitted to authorities that he drank.

The girl’s father later told the police at the station that he did not know where they got the alcohol because they do not keep the spirits of the house. He also told police: «If you think it necessary to leave her in jail for the night, if you think its right, do that».

After the arrest of girls in Alamogordo (new Mexico), she was charged with consumption of alcohol at an age when it is forbidden by law, driving in an alcohol intoxication and trying to escape from police pursuit. Her friends were charged only with underage drinking.