In the US, the farmer cut off his own leg after being trapped in farm machinery away from the people

When it comes to a situation of life and death, it is difficult to imagine what can be resolved.

This 63-year-old resident of Nebraska decided to cut off his limb.

Kurt Kaser of Pender (Nebraska) works in the fields for more than 40 years, but one mistake almost cost him his life.

The man unloaded the corn, when his leg got caught in farm equipment and firmly stuck there. Keyser, in his words, she tried to escape, but in vain.

Kurt didn’t have a cell phone and for miles around there was not a soul, and the man knew that people would here, perhaps, a few days later, and even later. There was no way.

«The leg is terribly sore, and I just didn’t know how long before you lose consciousness, told channel WMUR victim. – I had a knife in my pocket, and I said to myself: the only way to get out of here — cut off a leg, so I just began to cut it.»

He amputated his own leg and losing consciousness, was able to crawl more than 150 meters to the farm, to the stationary phone to call for help.

«I stayed conscious the whole way to the hospital — added Keyser. – Was it scary and painful? Of course. But I’m sure I chose the lesser of two evils».

The man will have to wait for an amputated leg to completely heal, and then you can set the prosthesis.

Farmer sawed off leg with pocket knife to save his own life: A Nebraska farmer had his own “127 Hours” moment when he became stuck in a piece of equipment — and sawed off his own leg with a pocketknife to escape. Kurt Kaser, 63, said he was moving crops…

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According to Keyser, he’s not going to quit farming and wants others were more cautious during agricultural work, in order not to pay such a high price.