The woman pushed a 74-year-old man from the bus, he fell and died in a week

Police posted video of the incident, which occurred in Las Vegas on March 21. Law enforcement authorities ask anyone who witnessed the incident, to testify.

21 Mar, 17:00, on the bus route in the streets of Fairmont and 13th woman pushed a 74-year-old man on the sidewalk. Serge Fournier fell, sustained injuries to the head and body, and later sought medical help and died a week later in the hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident was preceded by a squabble of this women with other passengers. An elderly man, passing by the unhappy woman, advised her to be kinder to others. After the bus stopped and the doors opened with two hands she pushed the old man with a Walker on the street. The man fell, hitting his head on the pavement.

Witnesses say that she pushed the man with such force that he fell down without touching the stairs, with a height of over two meters — and landed right on the head. After that, the woman walked away as if nothing had happened, without offering Fournier no help. The victim got home, but later turned to the hospital due to his injuries. The whole incident is filmed on a surveillance camera.

*Disturbing Video* Detectives would like to speak anyone present during this incident on March 21, 2019, in which an elderly male was pushed from a bus near Fremont St and 13th St, around 5PM. Please call #LVMPD Homicide Section Detectives at 702-828-3521 w/info.

— LVMPD (@LVMPD) May 14, 2019

After Fournier died in hospital from multiple blunt force injuries and the coroner described his death as a homicide, the relatives went to the police. The guards spotted and arrested a suspect on 6 may. The woman identified as the Kaddish Bishop, 25 years. The Kadish was charged with murder and was taken into custody. Now she is in the detention Center of Clark County and is able to make bail $100 thousand Court is scheduled for may 23.

Kadeshi Bishop was already in trouble with the law. A woman twice convicted of domestic violence. Her ex-husband claims that the Bishop was impossible to live because of outbreaks of anger and violence.