Missing girl, who was 9 months pregnant, was found dead. Her child cut from the womb

The body of a pregnant girl who disappeared last month, found in a dumpster. As reported by the Chicago police, she was killed and her unborn child cut from the womb.

According to police, the body of missing three weeks ago, 19-year-old Marlene Ochoa-Lopez was found yesterday, may 15, in the 4100 block on West 77th Place. The cook County medical examiners said the cause of death was strangulation.

The last time a girl saw on 23 April, about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, when she came out of the Latino Youth High School — about 8 miles from the house where she was found. That evening she had to pick up his 3-year-old child from the kindergarten, but she never appeared.

Missing girl, who was 9 months pregnant, was found dead. Her child cut from the wombAccording to unconfirmed sources, Clarissa, Figueroa may be involved in the death of Marlene Ochoa-Lopez

April 23 — when he became aware of her disappearance from the house where the body was found the girls at the Chicago fire Department (CFD) received a call about a newborn. According to the representative of the CFD’s Larry Langford, the child was taken to hospital along with a woman who claimed he is his mother.

As a source told the Chicago Sun-Times, she told the ambulance staff that have suffered from «postpartum complications», but DNA tests showed that the child belonged to the Ochoa-Lopez and her husband. The child is in hospital in «serious condition,» says the insider.

The woman who lives next to the house and asked not to be named, recalled how on April 23 saw the ambulance. She said she noticed a neighbor standing at the front door, who clutched to her child, wrapped in a white towel or sheet.

«I said, «What happened?», And she said, «I just had a baby. He’s not breathing»», — said the eyewitness.

«She said,» I stood up, and the baby come out,» said the neighbor, remembering that she saw blood stains on the hands and shirt of the woman, but not the shorts. Before leaving in the ambulance, she several times told me: «Please call someone to come and shut down the house.

Cecilia Garcia, a representative of the family of the victim, told WGN that the police will press charges against the 46-year-old woman Ochoa-Lopez met in a group on Facebook. Garcia claimed that the girl went into the house of a new friend for baby clothes.

Missing girl, who was 9 months pregnant, was found dead. Her child cut from the wombCorrespondence Marlene Ochoa-Lopez with a possible killer

According to Sarah Walker, pastor, Lincoln United Methodist Church that helps the family of the victim, 46-year-old woman was later organized an online campaign on GoFundMe to raise $9 million for the funeral of his child, stating that the boy is sick and will die soon. Thanks to an anonymous tipster, the police conducted a DNA analysis.

Press Secretary of the Chicago police Department Anthony Guglielmi said that the four «persons of interest» are in custody. A neighbor of the woman who supposedly gave birth, confirmed that the police detained her along with her daughter and their Boyfriends.

According to Garcia, the family Ochoa-Lopez mourn the death of relatives and prays that her child survived.

«I am very hurt, very very hurt, — told reporters the heartbroken husband of the girl. It hurts to lose your wife, the woman you love most in the world.»