Teenagers shot and killed a classmate while trying to Rob $25

Four teenagers accused of conspiracy and murder for robbery 18-year-old classmate. Demario Mitchell, 16; Kenneth Gallegos, 17; Julian Serrano, age 17; and Dominic Steiger, 17, charged in the death of Lloyd Chavez IV may 8 in centennial, Colorado.

Lloyd Chavez was about to finish high school Cherokee Trail. The guy played Rugby, and from time to time sold through Snapchat something on the little things. In the ill-fated day he planned to make $150 on liquid for electronic cigarette, agreeing on several transactions with customers. It was hardly legal, because in the state of Colorado to purchase products for electronic cigarettes can be 18 years old.

The testimony of detained teenagers are not always clear and partially contradictory. It is still unclear who shot Lloyd or whether the original plan the robbery.

Fateful night

Friend Lloyd Chavez, a high school cheerleader Julian Serrano, had planned to buy him one e-juice for $25. But the deal turned into a robbery and murder. Night Serrano, along with three friends — Galegas, Stagerim and Mitchell — taking a gun, went behind the purchase. The girl contends that initially had no thoughts to kill Lloyd, just to intimidate and take the liquid.

According to his own testimony, the Teens drove the car to the house of Lloyd Chavez gave $25, after which Lloyd allegedly went to the house for the goods. It’s not like the guys, and they started quarrel. That turned into a fight, and then someone pulled out a gun. A shot rang out and Lloyd shouted «I got shot». Julian claims that he did not see the shooter, but insists it was not her boyfriend Gallegos and not Mitchell.

With a bullet in his chest Lloyd Chavez ran into the house. The sister of the guy called the police, and adolescents, according to them, taking the money, fled. Description patrol found Chavez with a gunshot wound, immediately took him to the nearest hospital. The last thing the boy said to the nurse shot him «Kenny». Soon after the teenager died.

Investigators have identified all four teenagers and withdrew the money, according to the suspects, they pulled out of the wallet of Chavez. The first will appear in court, Gallegos — may 20, hearings on the case of Steiger and Serrano was appointed on 3 June, and Mitchell on June 10.

He was a good guy and a great Rugby player

Coach said that Chavez was a good boy from a good family with huge potential. He recalls that the first time I saw this guy said: this skinny, frail boy will never be a Rugby player. The man made a mistake. «He was a super Rugby player. Played in the Premier League for four consecutive years. What could be better?»

His aunt wrote in a post on Facebook: «Lloyd was a beautiful young man in the front had to be all of life. My cousin [father Lloyd] — a seaman who saved the life of a complete stranger, pulled from a burning car on the highway to Denver a few weeks ago… and now someone took the life of his son… Our hearts are broken and there are no words to convey our pain.»

The father raised the boy without a mother, and for him the costs of the burial of the son became a heavy financial problem. Relatives and friends started collecting donations for the funeral of Lloyd Chavez.