Briton deported and permanently denied entry to the US because of a single message

Isaac Ablett (24), head of the marketing Department of Hastings, East Sussex arrived in Illinois on April 24 to visit his girlfriend Camille a Iglesia (23). They discussed that it would hold in the country 3 months with ESTA.

Electronic system travel authorization ESTA allows foreigners to stay in the U.S. for a period up to 90 days without having to obtain a visa. It costs about £9 and to apply for it you need at least 72 hours before travel.

But when Mr. Noblett arrived in the country, the immigration officers asked him about the reason for the trip. They examined his phone, found a TEXT which referred to his «arrival» and was afraid that he could stay in the country permanently.

Isaac argues that in fact he was visiting his girlfriend on the anniversary of Dating. The pair met through the Tinder, when Kamila studied by students at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance in Kent.

When Mr. Robleto was taken to a room for questioning, his girlfriend left to wait at the airport. She claims that she waited 15 hours before I went home.

So, robnett told about the interrogation: «They looked through my phone, all my messages and found a TEXT my girlfriend that said «I’m going to be with you.» They said that this was proof enough not to let me in the country.»

The man was held in a cell for the whole day and was interrogated in a windowless room for half an hour. The next day he was deported and forever banned to come to USA.

Isaac said that the interrogation began with questions about how he was going to financially provide for themselves, as in the United States. The young man said: «I work in the UK. I saved money to come to see his girl. We were going on a trip, and I saved up enough money for that.» Noblett, already came to the girl in Miami, where she came from, and the pair traveled together to Chicago, where she is studying. This time they planned to go to new York and Los Angeles. Despite the fact that they met only last year, they had been together in France, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain.»

But the immigration officers did not believe the young man. They found in his phone a TEXT sent in the heat of an argument, the full text of which was: «as for the breakup, I don’t know what made you feel this way, and I think you forgot that in a few months I come to be with you.»

The young man explains that he was referring to a short visit, not long stay in the country.

On returning to Britain he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Now Isaac wants to warn others about what the immigration officers are «combing» the phones of tourists.

He noted that his girlfriend will try to continue the relationship, despite the ban. He added: «It’s terrible, the love of my life in another country, and I can’t even see it.»