The woman came to a jewelry shop and asked to make a decoration out of gold late father, and got a fake with the inscription «made in China»

Police arrested Laura Richards, owner of the jewelry salon of Iconic Brilliance in Mooresville, and showed her 33 allegations of various crimes, including theft and fraud. Richards (41) was placed in jail at Morgan County Jail. She can go free if you make a Deposit of $50 thousand.

According to court records, complaints against Richards and her jewelry salon date back to December 2015.

Detective Mooresville Chad Richart under oath showed that 16 of the victims Laura told the police that Richards had given fake stones for real diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones.

Richard told the IndyStar that many customers complained that they were deceived, but they could not provide receipts or any other documents that were necessary for him to charge. Richart added that in many cases Richards sold synthetic gems, giving them a high quality diamonds. Synthetic stones are clear and sparkling and a lot like real diamonds. Of course, the expert will be able to see the difference using a magnifying glass. Many jewelers use a special device in order to distinguish synthetic diamonds from the real thing.

Some buyers also brought Richards real diamonds to put in new jewelry, but prosecutors said that she changed them on less expensive stones.

One client told investigators that her father died and left behind more than 25 jewelry, which she attributed to the Iconic Brilliance. Some of the items we had to sell, and the other Richards agreed to alter 14 new pieces made to order.

The woman said that Richards gave her 5 of the promised items, but a little later she brought decorations for the rating, and it turned out that the stones and the gold fake. On one necklace which, according to Richards, was custom made from real gold the father of the woman were found stamped «made in China».

In addition, Richards was given a rating of rings, earrings, necklaces, chains and other jewelry for hundreds of thousands of dollars higher compared with the subsequent evaluation of things other jewelers.

Larry Furnas, attorney Richards review refused to provide.