A former employee of Disney have used an underground tunnel in Magic Kingdom to bring props $14000

Police in Orlando arrested a former employee of Walt Disney World , which, they claim, stole the props and costumes in the amount of $14 thousand of the theme parks Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

According to Twitter, the Sheriff of orange County, Patrick Allen Spikes (24) is accused of trespassing, theft in especially large size and trade stolen property.

Fox 35 Orlando reports that the Spikes have penetrated into the closed area Disney, stole the goods and sold them. He accidentally attracted the attention of the police, which was investigating the crime for several months.

The police took up the matter in August, when the closed Cranium Command attraction in the pavilion Wonders of Life at Epcot are gone animatronik Buzzy. Disappear headphones, jacket and green hat. After missing the entire animatronik.

All spike could get away with, but he decided to publish photos of stolen items in his Twitter @backdoordisney, which he used to show behind the scenes photos from the Park. He posted on Twitter allegedly stolen head Buzzy.

While the police was looking for spike, they found sent photos of the stolen memorabilia to another employee of the Park and its history money transfer to PayPal revealed information about stolen goods.

This is Buzzy. He used to be a part of Cranium Command at EPCOT before the attraction closed. He was to be saved as a part of Disney parks history.

He has been stolen. If you recognize him or know of his whereabouts or see listings on merchant sites contact OCPD! pic.twitter.com/0VLKarhbtH

— Miss Moth (@MissMothTweets) December 22, 2018

In court materials it is said that Spikes and his family member used the underground tunnels to get behind the scenes of the Haunted Mansion attraction, where were the stolen items for $7216.

Two buyers of Spikes received $30 thousand of the Money was transferred via PayPal between July and September. One of the buyers told police that during the 18 things sent Spikes $9 thousand His name in the papers is not mentioned because he is cooperating with the investigation.

Freed on bail, the Spikes continued to joke about the arrest and the conditions in prison in Twitter but then he deleted his account.

The police still haven’t found all of the items in the list of stolen items.