The viral video guy from Florida is bathed in the kitchen sink of a Wendy’s restaurant

Few dare to go for lunch at Wendy’s after one of the employees shared in the Snapchat video, which the guy taking a bath in the kitchen sink of the restaurant.

The video guy barefoot and in shorts climbs into the industrial sink diner Wendy’s in Milton, Santa Rosa. The video was posted to Facebook with the caption «do not advise Anyone eat again in milanskom Wendy’s». While the young man lather detergent for dishes, at least two employees remove it on mobile phones under the friendly laughter. The video attracted more than 2,000 comments and 10,000 reposts.

Marketing Director at restaurant chain already stated that the employee was fired, and the company is investigating the incident.

«We take seriously the incident. This is completely unacceptable. This stupid joke of a man that is no longer working in this restaurant,» said Mike Johnson.

After the publication of the video Department of business and professional management of the state of Florida has received numerous complaints from consumers and conducted sanitary inspection in zakusochnaya. Wendy’s has passed every test, said in the report.

However, the visitors believe that the tests are not sufficient and the restaurant had to close for a total disinfection or even radically solve the question of the existence of this place. Although many commentators under the video say that the restaurants often make much «more terrible things» behind the doors of the kitchens.