Unknown broke into the house in Massachusetts… made there bed and folded origami toilet paper

Nate novel of Marlborough, Massachusetts, claims that may 15, when the 5-year-old son returned home, he noticed that the back door is open. The man felt something was wrong. The house is obviously someone’s been in their absence.

However, nothing was missing, quite the contrary: all things were neatly folded, bed made, toys son cleaned and the bathroom on the toilet paper adorned with rose origami, the air smelled of cleaning products.

A rare case when an attacker or intruder broke in to restore order. The owner of the house said that felt weird. The whole house was perfectly clean, except the kitchen. Nate called the police. He was not sure if I closed the back door before leaving the house and forgot to turn the alarm on. Police currently have no leads, and other similar cases was not in the vicinity.

Coming up at 6 pm #wcvb. Marlborough home owner Nate Roman, came home last week only to find that someone had entered his home and cleaned it. Cleaned the bathrooms the bedrooms ect. Everything except the kitchen. But this is an unusual B & E because nothing was taken !!! pic.twitter.com/XKFlR4Y1TK

— Duke Castiglione (@DukeCastiglione) May 23, 2019

The owner believes that perhaps the cleaning service accidentally went to the wrong address. But the man still decided to play it safe and have all the locks changed in the house, and a rose left on the memory as a souvenir.