Two men attempted to jump a drawbridge on the car: the car sank, and they died

On Friday, may 24, police district Calcasieu (Louisiana) reported the death of two menwho died due to the fact that tried on your car to jump through the raised bridge. Their personality is already identified – the dead were 23-year-old Alejandro Cazares from McAllen (TX) and 32-year-old Roberto Alejandro Moreno from Edinburgh (TX).

State police in Louisiana about 2 a.m. received a call about the accident one vehicle on LA Highway 384 (Big Lake Road), namely razvodnom bridge Black Bayou, which is located 6 miles (9,65 km) South of lake Charles. Police said that the bridge was at that time divorced, as missed the boat. This bridge has 3 movable span: the main extends to the side, and the other two (the rays) are raised up on each side.

Two men attempted to jump a drawbridge on the car: the car sank, and they diedBlack Bayou Bridge, Google maps

The investigation revealed that the men riding up to the drawbridge on the Chevrolet Cruze, 2016, I saw that he was now closed to vehicles. According to the witness of the incident, the car left the passenger (Moreno) and lifted the gate’s barrier up. Driver (Cazares), and after passing under the gate and picked up on the side of his passenger, he turned the car to the edge of the bridge. There he paused a moment, and then handed back, and, accelerating, rushed to the «SKAT» trying to speed «jump» to the other side. Width of open space – approximately 165 feet (50.3 per m) it is not clear what they expected… whatever it was, but the car is flying a bit through the air, landed on water and sank.

It is reported that the driver was not able to get out of the car. The passenger was found outside a flooded car. Both were declared dead at the scene.

Two Texas Men Die Attempting to Jump Bridge in Louisiana

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The victims were taken to the biological material and sent to chemical-Toxicological investigation (identifying in the body of narcotic and/or psychoactive substances).