Two American soldiers were caught drinking alcohol on the base, which holds dozens of nuclear missiles

The staff Sergeant and senior airman aviation punished after they were caught drinking alcoholic beverages at a military air base in Wyoming.

The duties of these officers included the maintenance of air force base Francis E. Warren. As reported by Air Force Times, at that time they had free time. However, the consumption of alcohol on base, where nuclear weapons, is strictly prohibited.

The representative of 90 squadron maintenance rockets Joseph Coslett said that 2 employees «had no contact and had no access to weapons or classified material» during the incident on may 14. «This is an unacceptable breach of standards and the air force punished the perpetrators for their actions,» he added. He did not specify what punishment they subjected men.

As noted, the officers on the basis of the conducted an investigation, during which one of the soldiers allegedly confessed to the violation.

Ninetieth maintenance team, which includes 90 squadron maintenance missiles, is obliged to follow the Minuteman-3 — American Intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are at the base. In addition, the military on base are required to monitor the control systems that launch the missiles.

Minuteman-3 is the only ground-based Intercontinental ballistic missiles, in the service of the United States at the moment. Produced for $7 million per unit. The maximum range is 13 thousand km Missile reaches a speed of above 24 thousand miles per hour. Each missile can carry up to 3 thermonuclear warheads. Currently the us military are armed 399 Minuteman-3 and they are located in the mines, to launch missiles at 3 bases: Malmstrom air force base in Montana; Minot air force base in North Dakota; and the air force base Francis E. Warren.

This is the second time this year, when soldiers air force base Francis E. Warren was caught using illegal substances on base. In may 2018, authorities found a network of drug traffickers. More than a dozen soldiers, whose duties included guarding nuclear missiles, were related to LSD, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.

According to the air force, they bought, distributed and used psychotropic and narcotic substances before until one of the soldiers serving at an air force base Francis E. Warren, not published incriminating photo on Facebook, which resulted in the investigation that ended in a military Tribunal and other disciplinary measures.

The military, accused of involvement in the network of traffickers were from the 90th missile wing, which controls a third part of the Minuteman-3, which is «on alert» 24 hours a day in underground mines scattered in the Northern Great plains.