«She was rubbish»: the mother of an 8-month-old girl found near a trash can, shocked by a call from her father

California authorities want to question the father of 8-month-old girl, found dead and abandoned near the funeral home in Los Angeles on Monday.

The police wanted to talk with Alexander Echeverria (22) once behind a dumpster in a suburb of Los Angeles, Bellflower, was found the body of Alexia rose Echeverria. The lifeless girl’s body was wrapped in a blanket and laid on the child seat. The Sheriff’s office of Los Angeles believe that the child died in Sacramento, and then the body was dumped in southern California.

The girl’s mother Karla Alvarado said: «My child should not be going through all of this. It was not a waste. She was not a dog.» The woman adds: «She just learned to say «Mama.» She’s already called me mom. She was happy».

Dozens hold a vigil to honor the life of Alexia Echeverria. The 8-month-old infant was found dead near a dumpster outside a #Bellflower mortuary. Search for her father of #Sacramento continues. @KTLA @FOX40 pic.twitter.com/2Cp4RIkcRp

— Carlos Saucedo (@Carlos_Saucedo) May 30, 2019

According to the police report, Alexander admitted to the family that played with the girl, tossing her into the air, but dropped daughter and when raised, it on what does not react. It is reported that Alexander had my daughter to a local hospital, but refused to go into the office for the emergency, being sure that no one would believe that it was an accident. Then he drove 400 miles from Sacramento to Los Angeles, where he left Alexis rose.

Carla told KOVR-TV, as Alexander told her that he was going to pick up my brother from San Francisco. He later, crying, called her, but said nothing. He was obviously hysterical, but he didn’t answer the questions, Carla. Worried mother demanded that he drove home with the baby or she’ll call the police.

Authorities have not revealed the details of the death of a child and not told why the girl was not initially wanted. Sarah Ardalani, a spokeswoman for the coroner’s office of Los Angeles stated that access to information about the case is limited, so it can not be anything more to report.

Authorities have identified the eight month old infant found dead next to a mortuary in #Bellflower. Her body was in a car seat left near a dumpster. Police are searching for the baby’s father as a person of interest in her death. @ABC7 4pm pic.twitter.com/wOMls2wdKO

— Amy Powell (@abc7amy) May 28, 2019

As said Tuesday the Sheriff’s office Sacramento, Echeverria was last seen Monday morning in southern California. The police believed that he was suffering from depression as he admitted to the family that wants to commit suicide. Relatives reported him missing a Day of remembrance.