The little girl was hospitalized after being struck by a ball during a baseball game

The young fan was taken to hospital after Wednesday during the game between the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros in Houston, Texas, it got the ball.

Cubs outfielder albert Almora, Jr. hit the ball, but when he saw where he flew, clasped his head in his hands and knelt down until he was reassured by another player of his team Jason Heyard and Manager Joe Maddon.

Maddon said: «albert is an emotional young man, who have children, so this was especially painful for him. I understand exactly what he did.»

Have Armory took several minutes to pull myself together and continue. It seemed that the players of both teams were shocked by this scene.

After the match, when Almoro asked about what happened, he seemed ready to cry. He said he looked up and immediately realized that the ball touched someone. «As soon as I hit the ball, the first person I saw was her.»

Tonight At the game a section over. Reaction from fans and players was immediate. @astros infield crouched stunned at what had happened. Just beyond screen above @cubs dugout.

— Ted Oberg (@TedABC13) May 30, 2019

The injured girl lifted the man she obviously came in and hurried up the stairs. In the photo taken by the Associated Press shows that the child was conscious and crying.

After the game the team Houston Astros made the statement that the young fan was taken to hospital, but did not disclose details of her condition. Almora, in turn, said that he had received «unofficial information» about the child. But he was asked not to disclose details. «Right now I just pray for her,» he added.

During the match Almora, who still looked upset, approached the employee of protection near the place where the girl sat and talked with her, and then they embraced. Hallard, said: «it is Right that he did so. This is difficult to cope with.»

Maddon added that was ready to bring Almora from the game, but after that emotional moment, he decided that he can continue to play. «I just wish he realized he can’t control it. There is nothing that could be done differently, so please don’t blame yourself. Of course, it’s a terrible moment, but it is a game and it cannot be controlled, it is necessary to understand».

The Astros released the following statement. Our thoughts are with the entire family.

— Houston Astros (@astros) May 30, 2019

As in most stadiums of the higher League, Minute Maid Park has a fence that protects the fans. But after several fans were injured in 2017 to early 2018 30 teams expanded mesh, following the recommendations of Major League Baseball.

Almora asked if he considers it necessary to extend the fence. «Now of course, I want to protect the whole stadium,» he said.