The walking nightmare: an 11-foot alligator broke into the house in Florida

Good script for a horror film or Thriller. Night go to the kitchen to get a drink of water, and there the 11-meter reptile. In Clearwater alligator literally broke into the house, breaking the glass. The hostess was awakened by the noise which he made, about 3am.

The creeper knocked over a wine rack, broke the kitchen table and damaged the wall. An impressive photo of a giant alligator takes up almost the entire kitchen — and an open mouth with sharp teeth is really catching up with horror.

Fortunately, the house was not small Pets, so neither the owners nor Pets have not suffered from night intruder. In the end, the owner called the police, alligator safely caught and taken away.

The house is located between two Golf courses, which are very fond of reptiles.